Officers 'Association of the West Bengal Audit & Accounts Services was registered under Societies Registration Act in the year 1988 and since inception this Association was established in the democratic concept by proper voting system annually. Later by amendment of the Byelaws it was in process and is continuing still the Governing Body election by-annually under secret ballot system.

Activities are there in many folds since inception of this beloved Association, namely :

  1. To form the Governing Body by proper voting system with the vesting power of members equally and to elect the body for the welfare of the members of the association and its developmental work for the West Bengal Audit & Accounts Services.
  2. To see the problems of the members of the Association not only in official capacity but also in other social manner.
  3. To publish the Directory, Journal, Annual calendars and other publications for the betterment of the West Bengal Audit & Accounts Services as a whole.
  4. To represent on behalf of the Association with the various arenas for the betterment of the Service and upliftment.
  5. To look after the litigations in different courts for the victory and establish the proper right of the association in Finance and other Departmental arenas.
  6. To organise the training for the prospective W.B.A. & A.S. candidates (direct and departmental) voluntarily and thus association carries the social responsibilities in the present scenario.
  7. To arrange annual sports and picnic for a greater meet of the members and their families and thus association fulfil the commitment for at least a greater and bigger communications among the members to exchange their views/ideas. Association also invites and co-ordinate with the socially and economically oppressed Childs and their institutes to have an interaction for their welfare.
  8. To keep a better relations with the different service and social associations/organisations for bringing a harmony and good relation among ourselves.
  9. Afterall the service association motivates its members to perform their self duties sincerely and satisfactorily for the greater public interest.
  10. Many other activities are being seen as per need and demand for the greater interest.
  11. Association arranged annual picnic and sports on 13th January,2013 and organized a seminar and also discussed over the present scenerio.


                 S. Naskar (president)   

Whats New

All the respected members are informed that Annual Picnic 2023 is going to be held on 22nd  January 2023 (Sunday) at JAWAHAR KUNJ GARDEN AND PICNIC SPOT, Near Gandhi Ghat, Barrackpore, Dist- 24PGS(N). All are requested to attend the said programme along with the members of family positively. Please confirm your attendance by calling any of the contact numbers below:-

Sri Sunil Naskar-9830237038, Suhas Bhattacharya-7980978456, Pallabendu Saha-9330276392

All members are cordially requested to attend the programme to make it a grand success.

Anyone can confirm through whatsapp group also.

This is also to inform you that total distance between Barrackpore Rly station and picnic spot is only Two km. and 1.6 km from Barrackpore chiriamore by road.

Thanks & Regards.




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