Suhas Chandra Bhattacharyya

General Secretary

Colleagues ,
I , on behalf of the General Body , convey my heartiest good wishes to all our beloved members and feel proud to present before you the 33rd annual report of our association . Hoping to overcome successfully the dark days of COVID – 19 very soon maintaining the safety norms and fighting against it from the front . Our members are doing a great job during the corona period and as a result the Government is successful in running the state for a long time doing work from home . We have lost our veteran member Sri Gopal Sarkar , Goutam Bardhan and other Service colleagues like Joydeep Moitra , Debashis Bhattacharjee and Shovan Santra during this year . I pay my deepest condolance to all of them and convey both my sorrow and solidarity to their families from this stage . Though the pandemic situation had stalled the life in every sphere , not a single employee and the beneficiary is barred from getting his or her salary . Though no physical file and bills were presented no one had to live a penny less month . We the Officer’s of West Bengal Audit & Accounts Service helps the government to a great extent to keep rolling on the wheel . We were confined in houses most of the days but still we achieved a great during this year also . I just want to bring some of the glimpses of them .

Remarkable Achievements :-

1. EFFORT TO GIVE RELIEF TO THE MEMBERS NOT YET CLEARED THE DEPARTMENTAL EXAMINATION :- Your association is the only association who felt the necessity to allow special increment due to not holding the departmental examination . You all know that we have placed our proposal before the Government and it is under active consideration of the P S C after getting the approval of the Finance Department though in a changed shape . I think no other association can claim its their brain child and still no other service is also in achieving such success .

2. SCALE NO 19 :- Since the merger it becomes a contention who is Senior - Batch 94 or Batch 99 . Though we are of the opinion that those who had not joined in service can not be a senior than the existing and we even met with J.S. – Finance , Mr. Khalid Anwar to discuss . At last the order granting the Scale no 19 in favour of some members of Batch 94 is issued vide GO No 1725 – F (Y ) dated 08/09/2021 which proves that we are correct .

3. DEMAND OF EQUALITY WITH OTHER CADRE SERVICES :- During the eventful year we had submitted our demand for giving extra benefits to our service brothers to keep equality with other cadre services . We placed our demand to Honourable CM Madam directly and also tried to reach her through some other members of her ministry but it remains in queue till date and we hope that in near future we will be successful in convincing our demand and the Government will act in right time in favour of us .

4. CONTRIBUTION TO CM FUND :- You know that your association had collected funds from you for the fighting and protection from COVID 2019 and we had presented the cheque to the CM Relief Fund at N A B A N N A during the days of pandemic Ignoring the dreadful CORON Virus .

5. JOINT MOVEMENTS :- Though the other associations still has a little faith on the joint movement and only believes to impart their views on others , we are successful to understand them that the joint movement is necessary and a whats app group was formed names strong ties but remained ineffective as ever . We are hopeful that we can revive the ties and be successful to understand all that there is a under water current specifically in the newly recruited service brothers and if we fail to understand their motive we have to pay for the consequences .

6. EFFECTIVENESS OF POST OF FINANCE OFFICER IN MUNICIPALITY :- Time and again we demanded for creation of more posts which resulted the creation of post of Finance Officer in almost all Municipality . During the pandemic situation these Officers had taken a lot of responsibility and which creates a history in the life of Municipal Service . Due to deferment of Municipal Election , some of our Finance Officer had been selected as administrator and till date they are successful in running these Municipalities . These remarkable achievement to our service could not be even dreamt if our demand for creation of more posts in Municipalities were raised .

All other normal events like Annual Picnic , Sports , Vijaya Sammilani , Publication of Directory are taking place as usual with our utmost care and participation . Whats app Group and our Website is also successfully running . Hoping your more participation and active support to increase our strength in the near future .
Thanking you all