Suhas Chandra Bhattacharyya

General Secretary

Colleagues ,
I , on behalf of the General Body , convey my heartiest good wishes to all our beloved members and feel proud to present before you the 35th annual report of our association . Hopefully we have overcome successfully the dark days of COVID – 19 and now we all should look forward for the better days . Our members had doing a great job during the pandemic period and will do better in the coming days as well . We have lost our active memberBarinKumar Biswas , Ex Asstt. Director , Controller of Finance ,Deptt of F & S . I pay my deepest condolence tohim and convey both my sorrow and solidarity to his family from this stage . We have fought a lot during the pandemic days and now are hopeful to get our demands fulfilled through our constant and timely fighting . We were confined in the pandemic days but still we achieved a great during this year also . I just want to bring some of the glimpses of them .

Remarkable Achievements :-

1. SUCCESSFUL AWARDING OF SCALE NO -19 TO BATCH 1994:- The order granting the Scale no 19 in favour of some members of Batch 94 is issued vide GO No 1725 – F (Y ) dated 08/09/2021 which proves the question of seniority of Batch – 99 raised and created by one association is only to divert our demand and still now the same process is going on by pushing here and there . It is beyond our understandings that how some leaders are making fools of members of a great cadre service .

2. DEMAND OF EQUALITY WITH OTHER CADRE SERVICES :- During the eventful year we had submitted our demand for giving extra benefits to our service brothers to keep equality with other cadre services . We placed our demand to HonourableFM Madam directly meeting at her chamber . Her assurance to be with us is great motivational and courageous . She also gave a message for our publication of directory which is also published in the directory .

3. PUBLICATION OF GRADATION LIST :- We are demanding since long past to the Finance Department to publish the Gradation list . After the merger of Junior and Senior W B A & A S no Gradation List is published . Now on application made by one association to publish Gradation List to State Administrative Tribunal and Hon’ble Members had ordered on 17/08/2022 directing ACS Finance to dispose of the representation by passing a reasoned order to be communicated to the parties within fifteen weeksfrom the date of presentation of a copy of this order after giving an opportunity of hearing to applicant and other employees similarly situated after due notice , in the light of 9099 – F dated 23rd Sept, 2009 and keeping in view the circulars and notifications which were in force at the relevant point of time . On receiving this order we are hopeful that Government will act accordingly and we all will get a chance of hearing before the publication of final Gradation List hoping for publication in a very short time .

4. CONTRIBUTION TO Late Barin’sFamily :- You know that your association had collected funds from you for showing the solidarity and gratitude to our beloved active and very sincere member Late Barin Kumar Biswas and we had presented the cheque to the members of his family and pursued the process of release of pension , gratuity and other benefits as early as possible . We are proud to announce that almost all benefits except the job facility had already been released .

5. JOINT MOVEMENTS :- Once again we are clearing the point from our end that we are never against the joint movement and always welcome others to come and make a healthy environment for the movements required to achieve but others are not so much willing but are more willing to make confusion and create a fishy environment from which they are willing to get benefits to increase numbers . I from this stage alarming you about this kind of activities in which some of our members are targeted and whenever you feel such type of encounter or others you all are free to contact any of our senior or General Body members any time .

6. EFFECTIVENESS OF POST OF FINANCE OFFICER IN THE MUNICIPALITIES :- Time and again we demanded for creation of more posts which resulted the creation of post of Finance Officer in almost all Municipality . During the pandemic situation these Officers had taken a lot of responsibility . Now it is a normal event that most of the Executive Officers are from Retired W B A & A S and this proves that the administrative capability of our service brothers . We are trying to propose for more number of officers to be recruited from our retired members and this is in line to show our solidarity to the members who had alreadyretired from service . No other service association had such culture and even they are not keeping contacts with the retired members .

All other normal events like Annual Picnic , Sports , VijayaSammilaniare taking place as usual Hoping your more participation and active support to increase our strength in the near future .

Thanking you all
Suhas Chandra Bhattacharyya